12 Valuable Ways AI is Transforming Marketing

What is one aspect of your marketing where you find AI to be very valuable? Please share an example of this.  Here is what 12 thought leaders have to say.

  • AI in Detailed Marketing Research
  • AI for Customer Segmentation in Marketing
  • AI Aids in SEO-Optimized Content Creation
  • Personalizing Email Marketing with AI
  • AI-Powered Content Recommendations
  • AI for Creating Page Titles and Descriptions
  • AI in Understanding Customer Interactions
  • AI in Predictive Analytics for Marketing
  • AI in Constructing Thought-Leadership Content
  • AI for Content Targeting and Delivery
  • AI in Data Gathering for Digital Marketing
  • AI Optimizes Onboarding in B2B SaaS

AI in Detailed Marketing Research

You can analyze the latest trends, find detailed information about your audience, and perform competitor analysis in minutes. The amount of time I save is unreal now that Chat GPT is connected to the internet in real time. 

Let’s say my client is in the e-commerce industry and sells women’s clothing, and this business wants to better connect with their end user. I could use Chat GPT to learn more about them using this prompt: “Provide a short analysis of the latest e-commerce trends for women’s clothing and consumer behavior patterns in the first quarter of 2023.” 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Keywords competitors are ranking for, info about their website traffic, highest-ranking ads are all there to see in a matter of minutes.

Amie Lewis, Digital Marketing Manager and Strategist

AI for Customer Segmentation in Marketing

AI excels in customer segmentation for targeted marketing campaigns. For example, machine learning algorithms can analyze customer data to identify patterns and segment customers into different groups based on buying behavior. This allows for more personalized and effective email marketing, increasing both engagement and ROI.

John Cammidge, Google Ads Professional, John Cammidge

AI Aids in SEO-Optimized Content Creation

One aspect where AI proves immensely valuable in our marketing endeavors is in alleviating the time-intensive nature of the content creation process. It aids in crafting solid first drafts, which are pivotal in developing content that is SEO-optimized and richly informative for the readers. For example, leveraging AI tools with well-crafted prompts has enabled us to produce content drafts that are coherent and closely aligned with our intended message, significantly reducing the time spent on creating content.

It’s crucial to utilize high-quality, precise prompts to guide the AI, ensuring that the output is both relevant and accurate. This method has facilitated a more efficient content creation process, allowing us to focus on refining and optimizing the content to better suit our audience’s needs and preferences.

Kevin Hall, Marketing Operations, Webserv

Personalizing Email Marketing with AI

AI for email marketing is a great way to utilize AI in marketing and can be highly effective. It enables businesses to personalize their email campaigns at scale, improving engagement and conversion rates.

AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data to segment audiences based on preferences, behaviors, and demographics. This allows marketers to send tailored content and offers to each recipient. AI-driven predictive analytics can optimize send times, subject lines, and content, ensuring that emails reach recipients when they’re most likely to open and engage with them.

Josh Bluman, Co-Founder, Hoppy Copy

AI-Powered Content Recommendations

One aspect of marketing where I find AI to be incredibly valuable is in personalized content recommendations.

AI-powered recommendation engines have revolutionized the way we engage with customers and prospects online. By analyzing user behavior, preferences, and historical data, AI algorithms can predict what content or products an individual is most likely to be interested in. This level of personalization enhances the user experience and significantly boosts conversion rates.

For example, let’s say a customer visits an e-commerce website looking for a new pair of running shoes. Through AI, the website can track the customer’s browsing history, search queries, and past purchases. Based on this data, it can then recommend specific running shoe models, accessories, or even related fitness gear that aligns with the customer’s preferences and needs. This not only helps the customer find what they’re looking for more efficiently, but also encourages additional purchases.

Bruno Gavino, Founder, CEO, CodeDesign

AI for Creating Page Titles and Descriptions

I love using AI to create page titles and meta descriptions. These are so easy to achieve with a simple prompt and the page content for context. This is a low-value and low-risk task, but before AI, it could be very time-consuming. However, using AI, it’s easy to come up with some creative ideas that only require a little curation.

Geoff Newman, Founder, Starget.co.uk

AI in Understanding Customer Interactions

One facet of marketing where I see AI delivering considerable value is in the realm of customer segmentation and personalization. AI algorithms possess the capability to process extensive datasets, discern patterns, and discern customer preferences. 

For instance, AI can track customer interactions with an e-commerce platform, leveraging this data to provide personalized product recommendations based on their browsing history and previous purchases. This elevated level of personalization significantly enhances the overall customer experience and can lead to heightened conversion rates. 

Consequently, it serves as a potent tool for crafting marketing strategies and content tailored to distinct audience segments, ultimately resulting in more efficient and precisely-targeted marketing endeavors.

Khurram Mir, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kualitee

AI in Predictive Analytics for Marketing

Absolutely, it’s a pertinent question considering the rapid transformation of the tech landscape. One of the most transformative aspects of our marketing, where AI has proved invaluable, is in predictive analytics. 

Remember the saying, “Numbers never lie?” In our realm, AI gives those numbers a voice. With our small, yet high-performing, team, we’ve utilized AI to sift through vast troves of data to pinpoint trends, preferences, and potential shifts in the market. 

For instance, in one of our recent campaigns for a SaaS client, AI-driven tools accurately predicted a 25% increase in user engagement based on historical data and real-time user behavior. 

This allowed us to channel our funds more effectively, ensuring a better ROI. Isn’t it intriguing how, by understanding past behaviors, AI can give us a roadmap for the future? The future of marketing, in many ways, is looking into the rearview mirror with AI.

Ankit Prakash, Founder, Sprout24

AI in Constructing Thought-Leadership Content

One of the best features of AI is its ability to take a rough idea and construct it into a well-thought-out piece. This is used to help facilitate thought-leadership content from a busy team. Even with their busy schedules, their nuggets of wisdom can be taken and used for social media, email, and blog marketing.

Jason Vaught, Director of Content, SmashBrand

AI for Content Targeting and Delivery

AI is particularly useful in marketing, in my opinion, when it comes to content targeting and personalized recommendations. With the help of AI algorithms, highly customized content or product recommendations can be provided by analyzing user behavior and preferences. 

AI can follow a user’s browsing and purchasing history, for instance, in e-commerce to recommend goods that match their preferences. This improves user experience and raises the possibility of purchases and conversions. AI can also maximize the impact of content delivery by determining the best time and channel, which improves the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing initiatives.

Jay Toy, General Manager, 88stacks

AI in Data Gathering for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and AI have a deeply technological understanding that can be hugely beneficial to your marketing team. Your marketing team can utilize AI to gather the information and data it needs to hone its digital marketing efforts and create the most effective strategies possible. Essentially, your marketing team can be the middleman between digital marketing and AI, maximizing the mutual understanding between them.

Erin Banta, Co-Founder and CEO, Pepper Home

AI Optimizes Onboarding in B2B SaaS

As the CEO of a B2B SaaS company, I find AI to be very valuable in optimizing our product’s onboarding process. When customers sign up for our software, we use AI to analyze the data they provide and recommend the best way to use our product. This helps our customers to have a better experience and is more likely to lead to them continuing to use our software. 

For example, when a customer signs up for our product, we ask them about their company size, industry, and specific needs. We then use this data to recommend a personalized onboarding plan. This plan might include a series of tutorials, case studies, or live demos that are tailored to the customer’s specific needs. 

By using AI to personalize the onboarding experience, we are able to help our customers get the most out of our product more quickly and easily. This leads to a higher customer satisfaction rate and a lower churn rate.

Luciano Colos, Founder and CEO, PitchGrade

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